Nearly five years in the making and clocking in at 508 pages, Craig Baldwin: Avant to Live! documents the life and work of acclaimed filmmaker and curator Craig Baldwin (b. Oakland CA, 1952), an inspiring and influential figure in contemporary media arts. Meticulously detailed, with contributions from over 50 writers, artists, illustrators and ideologues, AVANT TO LIVE! is the first critical text to examine the artist's films analytically as a coherent and meaningful body of work and critical artist's statement while also examining the cultural impact of Baldwin's Other Cinema curatorial project.

508 pages
Paperback, 8 x 10 inches
Published 2023 by San Francisco Cinematheque and INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media
ISBN: 979-8-2180-5787-9 (SFC)
ISBN: 978-0-9857-4198-3 (INCITE)


Jesse Drew: Untitled [photograph]

Brett Kashmere and Steve Polta: Introduction: Craig Baldwin: Avant Savant

Writings and Interviews
Joan d’Arc: Filmmaker Craig Baldwin: Alien Anomaly? (1993)
Craig Baldwin: The Collage Essay: Message in a Bottle (1993)
Craig Baldwin: Acceptance Speech for The Herb Alpert Award in the Arts (1997)
Irene Borger: Interview with Craig Baldwin (1998)
Craig Baldwin: Artist Statement (2002)
Steve Polta: Masochism of the Margins: An Interview with Craig Baldwin (2008)
Craig Baldwin: Statement of Plans for Invisible Insurrection (2010)
Craig Baldwin: Orphan Morphin’ Manifesto (2016)

The Films
Craig Baldwin: Locating FlickSkin
Sam Green: Don’t Make Such a Big Deal About Stolen Movie!
Tom Day: Pop Collage and the Pop Underground: Craig Baldwin’s Wild Gunman
Kathleen Tyner: Pushing the Envelope with RocketKitKongoKit
Liz Kotz: On the Edge of Documentary: Films by Amos Gitai, Trinh Minh-ha, and Craig Baldwin
Jeffrey Skoller: Tribulation 100!
Catherine Russell: Archival Apocalypse: Found Footage as Ethnography (excerpt)
Jeffrey Skoller: Shards: Allegory as Historical Procedure (excerpt)
Michael Zryd: Found Footage Film as Discursive Metahistory: Craig Baldwin’s Tribulation 99
Federico Windhausen: Movies for the Millenarians: Returning to Baldwin’s Tribulation 99
Jeffrey Skoller: San Francisco Film Society Essential SF Filmmaker Award 2015
Luisela Alvaray: ¡O No Coronado!: Found Footage for a Fresh Past
Jesse Lerner: ¡O No Coronado!: A Post-Colonial Critique from Baldwin’s Cinematic Scrapyard
Chris Chang: Property is Theft
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa: Living Room Laboratories: Exploding Popular Science Television in Spectres of the Spectrum
Joanna Byrne: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: BooBoo’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Manohla Dargis: Star Log: Trippy Sci-Fi Mash-Up Alert!
Keivan Khademi Shamami: Async Sound: Mock Up On Mu
Stephen Broomer: Stationary Targets: Craig Baldwin’s Bulletin
Scott MacKenzie: The Craig Baldwin Educational Film Catalog
Kristin Cato: Beauty in the Mix: Craig Baldwin Expanded

Other Cinema
Craig Baldwin: Other Cinema Possible Names
Bill Daniel: Other Cinema/ATA [photos]
Max Goldberg: Time After Time: Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema Calendars
Craig Baldwin: Selected Other Cinema Calendars
Dolissa Medina: Artists’ Television Access Digs In
Bill Brown: Adventures in Music
Peggy Nelson: Other Cinema as a Third Place
Molly Hankwitz: Why I Love Other Cinema and Other Feminist Stories
Bryan Boyce: N.E.W. A.T.A. & Other Basement [digital images]
David Albert Cox: Deep Memory in the Archive Bunker: The Beat Film School
Joshua Leon Harper: Be Sure Your Eyes are Right
Adam Dziesinski: Projecting with Craig [comic]

Personal Responses
Jeffrey Skoller: Tales of the Urban Rats
Soda_Jerk: SURF NOT SERF [digital image]
Bill Daniel: This Cannot Be Done: Making Films with Craig Baldwin
Gerry Fialka: Craig Baldwin’s Touch: Is It Love or Confusion? Or Glorious Not Knowing?
Vanessa Renwick: Radical Generosity
Mike Hoolboom: Craig’s List
Lynne Sachs: Blissfully Out of Context: A Collection of Letters from Craig Baldwin, 1996–2019
Chip Lord: Craig Baldwin: Into the Ether
Anthony Buchanan: Mission Reusable: Craig Baldwin, Street Scavenging, and an Assemblage De La Raza
Alex Johnston: On Homburgs and Radical Curiosity
Jesse Malmed: Baldwin Notes, Baldwin Nodes
Valerie Soe: More Than This: Craig Baldwin and Me
Patrick Macias: Godzilla vs. Other Cinema
Caroline Koebel: Craig Baldwin Collage [collage]
Bradley Eros: Oysters of the Id: My Experience with Collage
Bradley Eros: dv8 mystery = (deep velvet octopus) [collage]
Kelly Gallagher: Your Fan
Kelly Gallagher: Otherworldly Cinema [collage]
Rick Prelinger: Other Archives

Reference Material
Adrianne Finelli: Craig Baldwin: Biographical Timeline
Brett Kashmere: Craig Baldwin: Filmography
Kristin Cato: Craig Baldwin: Expanded Cinema Works
Brett Kashmere: Craig Baldwin: Bibliography
Brett Kashmere: Index of OtherZine
Brett Kashmere: Other Cinema DVD (OCD) Releases
Jesse Drew: Untitled [photograph]

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