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Golden Digest
Animal Charm

Animal Charm makes videos from other people's videos. By compositing TV and reducing it to a kind of tic-ridden babble, they force television to not make sense. While this disruption is playful, it also reveals an overall 'essence' of mass culture that would not be apprehended otherwise. Videos such as Stuffing, Ashley, and Lightfoot Fever upset the hypnotic spectacle of TV viewing, revealing how advertising creates anxiety, how culture constructs "nature" and how conventional morality is dictated through seemingly neutral images. By forcing television to convulse like a raving lunatic, we might finally hear what it is actually saying.

"Animal Charm use sight and sound to generate a particular type of laughter: the uncanny kind that overtakes you like a seizure." —Johnny Ray Huston, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Special Features:

  • Live Video Mix at Aurora Picture Show
  • Sunshine Kitty—Animal Charm's Previously Unreleased First Video
  • Video Scrapbook of Animal Charm at home and on the road
  • Upcoming Releases from Other Cinema DVD

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Animal Charm: Golden Digest (1996)



Animal Charm
by Holly Willis (from LA Weekly)

Animal Charm's Golden Digest
by Mike Plante (from Cinemad)

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