Other Cinema launches a digital volley of FIVE sociopolitical incendiaries for the young and the restless, for a special price of only $75!


1. Johan Grimonprez' dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

Buckle up for the acclaimed hijacking documentary that eerily foreshadowed 9/11. Meet the romantic skyjackers who fought their revolutions on the passenger planes of the '60s and '70s. Award-winning artist Grimonprez investigates the politics behind this phenomenon, at the same time unwrapping our own complicity in the urge for ultimate disaster.

2. Sam Green's The Rainbow Man/John 3:16
(w/ The Fabulous Stains & Pie Fight '69)

The breakthrough documentary by Academy Award nominee Sam Green (The Weather Underground) on the erstwhile media sensation and fugitive from the law, Rollen Frederic Stewart, aka "Rainbow Man."

ALSO includes The Fabulous Stains, an inside look on the production of this lost punk-rock oddity, AND Pie Fight '69 which details the pastry-throwing prank at the SF Int'l Film Fest.

3. Greta Snider and Vanessa Renwick's Nomads and No-Zones

An album of radical diaries and personal documentaries from two of the West's bravest makers. Gritty glimpses of edgy experience in marginalized cultures, their authentic film stories afford rare access and insight into the lived poetry of a dozen-plus autonomous zones, from Portland, Oregon to Britton, South Dakota.

4. Lutz Dammbeck's The Net

This sublime treatise on terror and technology explores the incredibly complex backstory of Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber. Circling through themes of utopianism, anarchism, terrorism, CIA, LSD, Tim Leary, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, The Net exposes a hidden matrix of revolutionary advances, coincidences, and conspiracies. Includes interviews with digerati Stewart Brand, Paul Garrin, and John Brockman.

5.Craig Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws

An energized discourse on copyright infringement, fair use, and culture-jamming, stemming from the infamous Negativland-U2 case. Playful and ironic, Baldwin's cut-and-paste collage-essay surveys the prospects for an "electronic folk culture" in the midst of an increasingly commodified corporate mediascape.

If you already own Sonic Outlaws, we can substitute that title with another Craig Baldwin film such as Tribulation 99 or Spectres of the Spectrum. Please contact info@othercinemaDVD.com to make your request.

The extraordinary offer of these five radical documentaries comes complete with collectible editing glove, signed by Sam Green or Craig Baldwin.

This DVD collection is NTSC, Region 0 (playable worldwide). For institutional and commercial exhibition rates, please contact info@othercinemaDVD.com