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TV Sherriff Trailer

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Golden Digest
& Not 4 $ale

Animal Charm and TV Sheriff 2-Pak!! The Golden Digest of the Charms' corporate-video absurdities coupled with Not 4 $ale, Davy Force's mass-media mash-ups, for $9.00.

Titles include:

Selected Press Quotes

TV Sheriff's Not 4 $ale: "The inimitable manic media dementia dished out by the TV Sheriff and his crazy crew is part radical Dadaist subversion, part spot-on media critique and all parts totally hilarious, outrageous remix mayhem." —Holly Willis, LA Weekly

"If TV Sheriff was an aroma, it would require all three nostrils to fully intake the exotic coagulation titled, 'Not For Sale'" —Mark Mothersbaugh, DEVO

Animal Charm's Golden Digest: "The Charm's remix, with jumps, loops and new soundtrack either tells you what the video really meant or is simply screaming back at the original, "You suck." What's interesting about that? It's fucking hilarious." — Mike Plante, Cinemad

These DVDs are NTSC, Region 0 (playable worldwide). This boxset is for home-use only. For institutional and commercial rates, please contact