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Experiments in Terror
& Experiments in Terror 2

Experiments in Terror numbers 1 and 2, totalling over 15 eerie pieces in all.

Titles include:

Experiments in Terror features:
  • Outer Space by Peter Tscherkassky
  • Tuning The Sleeping Machine by David Sherman
  • Ursula by Lloyd M. Williams
  • Dawn of An Evil Millennium by Damon Packard
  • Journey Into The Unknown by Kerry Laitala
  • The Virgin Sacrifice by J.X. Williams

Experiments in Terror 2 features:
  • The Mesmerist by Bill Morrison
    (with music by Bill Frisell)
  • The Early 70s Horror Trailer by Damon Packard
  • Psych-Burn by J.X. Williams
  • Between 2 Deaths by Wago Kreider
  • Amor Peligrosa by Michelle Silva
  • Hold My Scissors by Usama Alshaibi
  • Opus 5 by Lloyd M. Williams
  • The Fear by Angel Nieves
  • She Sank on Shallow Bank by Clifton Childree & Nikki Rollason

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