dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
by Johan Grimonprez
Available Now

Buckle up for dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, the acclaimed hijacking documentary that eerily foreshadowed 9-11. We meet the romantic skyjackers who fought their revolutions and won airtime on the passenger planes of the 1960's... more

Nomads and No-Zones
by Greta Snider and Vanessa Renwick
Available September

Drawn from the raw material of their drifts and detours, here's an album of radical diaries and personal documentaries from two of the West's bravest makers. Gritty glimpses of edgy experience in marginalized cultures, their authentic film stories afford rare access... more

The Rainbow Man/John 3:16
by Sam Green
Available Now

Available on DVD for the first time is the breakthrough documentary by Academy Award Nominee Sam Green (THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND). Millions of Americans have seen Rollen Frederick Stewart, a.k.a. "Rainbow Man", who achieved notoriety during the late 70's... more


The Subject Is Sex
curated by Stephen Parr
Available Now

Stephen Parr of Oddball Film + Video presents an extraordinary personal romp through the seamy side of Sex in Cinema. Drawn from his extensive 16mm film archives, this polymorphous program promises a pulsating panorama of perverse pleasures... more


Experiments in Terror
Abstract & Experimental Horror
Available Now

As if by some irresistible compulsion to witness the mortification of the flesh, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR perversely unearths a celluloid sarcophagus of horrible, horrible beauty... more


Spectres Of The Spectrum
by Craig Baldwin
Available Now

Agitprop genius Craig Baldwin, director of TRIBULATION 99 and SONIC OUTLAWS, returns with his grandest work to date! SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM plunders Baldwin's treasure trove of early television shows, industrial and educational films, Hollywood movies... more


Decasia -- Limited Edition
by Bill Morrison
Available Now

The long awaited DVD of Bill Morrison's groundbreaking film is now available through Other Cinema DVD in a special limited edition of 200. Each copy includes a strip of 35mm film from the work signed by the artist... more





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